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Today's influencers. Tomorrow's icons.

We stand for more
than just winning.

Enso Equestrian was founded on a shared vision to create legacies for athletes that continue beyond their career. It’s more than just about winning. It’s about having more prospects, more meaning and more heart. Being an example for the next generation of sporting enthusiasts to follow.

We can provide the platform for athletes to have a positive impact on and off the field of play. Turn influencers into icons for further generations to aspire to. Create legacies that have meaning and purpose. Legacies that people can relate to and take heart from. Knowing anything is possible if they work hard, put the effort in and have the right support around them.

We work closely with each athlete to better understand their needs and requirements. This enables us to maximise the support we can offer. Our aim is to provide the pathway for them to become ambassadors, not only in their respective sport, but also for a better world.

Joel has extensive experience creating commercial opportunities for both brands and sports rights holders, having worked for 5 years within a luxury brand before transitioning to take over the role of Commercial Director at International Sports Management.

Joel is a specialist at identifying partnership opportunities through matching commercial rights inventory with brands that aspire to tell compelling stories through sport. Based in London, Joel has a vast network within the commercial and corporate world, combining an opportunistic approach with a true passion to make a difference.

Creating legacies is about having the right people around you.


Understanding what makes you different. Establishing and exploring key brand assets and working together to define and develop areas of expertise, passion and authenticity. By creating a focus, voice and tone - as well as mission statement - athletes are able to align with potential partners with a deeper gravitas and allow authentic storytelling to unfold.


Introducing and connecting brands and athletes who align in principals, messaging and core values. Allowing deep and meaningful partnerships to be created, and helping to develop new and innovative ideas and concepts. Management and re-signing of existing sponsor family to help offer mutually beneficial partnerships.


Our first-hand experience working for and with rights holders ensures we fully understand their wants and needs. Often working alongside their in-house team, our focus is on securing new revenues by establishing a clear strategy and matching that to the desires of global brands from our extensive network, to secure buyers for assets that the rights holder has available.


From supporting existing live events and experiences, to ideation, creation and delivery, our team offers expertise and experience in the live event equestrian sector. Our approach is to respect heritage and success stories while also exploring ground breaking solutions and ideas in our productions, to truly engage with fans and audiences.This extends into full hospitality experiences, given the audience of our sector, ensuring unforgettable luxury experiences. As with everything we do, priorities include awareness of the environmental impact in what we’re doing, providing a full circle solution for a memorable, engaging and stand out event.


Providing a creative, 360 content solution from concept to conclusion with our in-house team. From initial ideas to telling unique stories and aligning brand messages between athletes and partners, across all spheres of new media. All managed and produced by our creative, digital, film, edit and photography team.


Through Enso Equestrian Design, we build equine destinations that withstand the test of time; a delicate entwine of tradition and innovation. At the heart of every one of our destinations will be an exceptional equine experience which is enveloped by facilities and lifestyle components that work together to offer a holistic experience. As each site, location and business, or personal, needs are different, every project we work on is completely unique. Each design is guided by insights drawn from the local and international market, audiences and the unparalleled industry knowledge from our team of Olympians, trainers, operators and business strategists.


Enso Escapes provides an opportunity to discover unique equestrian destinations with elite support and advice from Enso's professional show jumpers and events team, that make those ‘money can’t buy‘ experiences available to those who love the sport as much as we do.

Enso Escapes

Our circle of friends

Scott Brash

Scott Brash MBE is a British showjumper, Olympic Gold Medallist and Former World Number 1 – a position he held consecutively for over a year.

Together with his horse Hello Sanctos, Scott competed as part of the British Team at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London winning a gold medal in the team jumping event. In 2015 he became the first rider in history of the sport to win show jumping’s Rolex Grand Slam – all three of the sport’s most prestigious events in a single year. Scott has risen to the highest level of show jumping sport by way of his humble beginnings in Peebles, Scotland. Always eager to be around horses (rather than being in school!) Scott and his older sister grew up riding their ponies and spending weekends competing all across the U.K. Now Scott is arguably one of the most loved riders in the sport, both for his unwavering principles, humble persona and for staying true to what started his incredible career – his love of horses.

Kent Farrington

Kent Farrington is one of the leading show jumping athletes in the USA, an Olympic medallist and renowned and respected for his dedication, perseverance and ‘never give up’ mantra.

Growing up in Chicago, Kent impressed from a young age and his transition from junior to professional was seamless; in his first three years as a professional he earned over $1 million in prize money and received the Maxine Beard Award, presented to an individual American rider who best displays true potential to represent the United States on the international stage. Today Kent is one of the best riders in the world, earning the number one spot in the world show jumping rankings. His year is spent traveling the globe, collecting wins from Shanghai to Paris to LA. He continues to build on an already impressive list of international victories, including a Team Silver Medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and first place in the 2019 Rolex Grand Prix at CHIO Aachen, as well as the Rolex Top Ten – revered by many to be the one of most prestigious wins in the sport of show jumping.

Adrienne Sternlicht

Adrienne Sternlicht  is an American showjumper, jumping on an international stage. At the age of just 29 she is creating a name as one of the most world’s most respected riders, sitting comfortably inside the FEI top-75.

Under the tuition of McLain Ward since the 2016, Adrienne has firmly established herself as one of the USA’s leading riders. Winning the gold medal alongside Team USA at the 2018 equestrian games, and selected to represent Team USA at showjumping’s mecca, Aachen, for the 2022 Nations Cup, Sternlicht is scaling to the very top echelon’s of the sport.

Beyond a successful equestrian career, Adrienne is an exceptionally disciplined individual who maintained her focus on an academic education, completing her degree in public policy at Brown University, before focusing her efforts full time as a professional showjumper. In every sense of the word, she is truly the modern sports person.

Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg is an accomplished professional show jumper based in New York City, N.Y., North Salem, N.Y., and Wellington, Fla. Bloomberg represented the United States Equestrian Team at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, where she earned a Team Bronze medal.

In addition to a successful equestrian career, Bloomberg has co-authored four young adult novels about the equestrian show circuit, The A Circuit, and is well known for her philanthropic efforts, particularly for her extensive animal welfare work and for founding The Rider’s Closet in 2006.

Born in New York City on January 20, 1983, Bloomberg is the the daughter of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Susan Brown.

An animal lover from a very young age, Bloomberg began riding at the age of 4. Her success as a child rider was notable, winning Best Child Rider awards at every major horse show on the East Coast before turning her attention exclusively to show jumping in 2001. She went on to win the USET Talent Derby in 2001 and two gold medals at the FEI North American Young Riders’ Championships (team gold in 2002 and individual gold in 2003).

In 2004, Bloomberg won the coveted USET Maxine Beard Award, which recognizes accomplishments by an up-and-coming show jumper. The same year, she also won the Derby of Drammen. The following year, she made her FEI World Cup Final debut and was a member of the first, winning U.S. team in the Samsung Super League Nations Cup team at La Baule, France.

From there, Bloomberg gained numerous show jumping victories, including winning five WEF Challenge Cup titles since 2005 in Wellington; first place at the $75,000 Empire State Grand Prix at the 2010 Lake Placid Horse Show; in 2014, she anchored the U.S. team victory at the Furusiyya Nations Cup in Gijon, Spain with a double clear performance; she triumphed at the inaugural $210,000 Central Park Grand Prix CSI3* later that same year; and she claimed victory at the $127,000 Adequan® Grand Prix CSI3* at the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington-just to name a few.

In 2016, Georgina had the opportunity to participate in the inaugural season of the Global Champions League in the capacity as both a rider and team owner. Previous owner of the GCL Team Miami Glory and now new owner of the New York Empire, Georgina, along with an impressive line-up of athletes including London Olympic gold medalist Scott Brash, Irish veteran Denis Lynch, Germany’s Hans-Dieter Dreher, U.S.-based Daniel Bluman, who competes for Israel, and the USA’s rising U25 star Spencer Smith, they tackled the 2019 edition of the exciting new Global Champions League season and qualified for the series final, the GCL Super Cup in Prague.

These wins and top placings have highlighted her growing career as a top level show jumper, a profession she has excelled in despite taking time off due to two major injuries in 2002 and 2010.

In addition to her riding career, Bloomberg is the proud mother of son, Jasper, who was born in New York in December 2013.

Harry Charles

Harry Charles is a British showjumper, having recently signed as the youngest Rolex Ambassador and embarking on his journey as the next generation of elite British riders.

Harry made his mark in 2018 with his first 5* debut in no other place than the Mecca of show jumping, Aachen Germany, at the young age of 19. Since then, Harry has made the world’s top 100 in the FEI rankings along with playing a crucial part of the Miami Celtics team on the Global Champions Tour. With one eye firmly on Olympic games and representing Great Britain, Harry continues to climb the rankings and compete on a truly global schedule. We are excited for what the future holds for him and he proudly heads up our next wave of talent at Enso Equestrian.

Lucy Deslauriers

At the age of 22, Lucy Deslauriers has already made her mark on the international stage. As the U.S. Show Jumping Team’s alternate for the 2021 Olympic Games, Lucy is widely recognized as one of the young stars of the sport. She has accumulated numerous victories around the world, many of them against her father, 3-time Olympian Mario Deslauriers. The bond she shares with her partner Hester has molded Deslauriers into one the most successful riders of her generation.


Throughout Lucy’s career she has remained a full-time student and is currently a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a Health and Societies major, with a healthcare, markets, and finance concentration, and a consumer psychology minor